Why does any social media exist these days? With current technology, what is this fascination of people being obsessed with themselves? We may wonder why anyone needs to see themselves reflected online.

This website exists to give some professional public presence to myself. As a website designer, I like to make content that will exist in the world. If anyone has tried to create content before, they know it is really hard. Making valuable content to put on a website is half that task. That being said, I need material to put online, to be able to make more websites.

As a creative individual, I thought why not start with myself? I have a professional life that I am trying to introduce to the world. So be it, this is an attempt to organize data in a punctual way, which eloquently invites one to explore exactly who is Whitney Hetrick trying to showcase herself as.

That being said, the three main sections here are:



Work by Whitney T. Hetrick