Whitney is a creative individual, who in her early 30’s is trying to find that happy work/life balance. Her prior endeavors have involved growing up in a suburban environment, while attending a creative high school that supported the arts. When her college years rolled around, she pursued her passions to the Windy City with scholarships from both the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. In 2006, she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art, with a focus on Sculpture, Sound, Painting & Drawing. She remained dedicated to her path in Chicago for 13 years, while working for and with a variety of artists.

 In 2015, she moved back to her old digs in Richmond, VA with gusto and a desire to be surrounded by family. Professionally, she is currently seeking a designer position within a web management company. Both her artistic studies and work experiences have given her the skills to visualize concepts, which then can be translated into personalized content on the world wide web. She looks forward to using her skill set as a Web Designer and Administrative Assistant to enhance the output flow of digital media production. While not afraid to work a 9-5 job, she is looking for a position that will utilize her creativity.

 Her current hobbies include finding craft DIY’s and killer recipes on Pinterest, then following said instructions. Most recently, she has taken up tie-dye and rug making to decorate her home. As an enthusiastic traveler, Whitney enjoys visiting historic sites in Richmond. Amtrack has become a close friend to her, who inspires her to take short trips to the Disctrict of Columbia. In her free time, she can also be found playing with her tiny cat, Echo, or preparing to receive her drivers permit.


Work by Whitney T. Hetrick